Intelligent bandwidth management is the key to better utilization of your internet connection – and to financial savings. Better quality in data transfers and IP telephony, with no extra investments in bandwidth. What are you waiting for?

SmartShare - smart internet without disconnections

SmartShare is a box to connect with your network, that gives your users a stable internet and maximum bandwidth utilization.

Are you dependent on an internet that works?

Today, most workplaces and institutions are dependent on an Internet that works. It costs money, reduces efficiency and creates dissatisfaction when users must discontinue their work, because they are unable to get online.

With a SmartShare, many users online, large downloads or high load on the network, will no longer degrade the quality or speed of the internet.

SmartShare works with all types of networks and internet connections. The product requires no particular configuration or maintenance.

Why is SmartShare - smart?

We have all been there - the internet is slow, even if we just acquired more bandwidth. We become impatient and lose focus on the task. Really annoying! But what really is going on?

A standard internet connection works like this

A customary internet connection, allows users with a higher consumption of bandwidth - the most bandwidth. The result is, that users uploading or downloading many files or visiting complex websites, occupy most of the bandwidth. The remaining users will therefore experience a slow internet that in the end might run to a halt.

With simultaneously multiple users on the internet, the problem will occur more frequently.

In workplaces and institutions this will cause many expenses due to the loss of efficiency as well as extra work in the IT department for trying to fix the problems.

An internet connection with SmartShare works like this

SmartShare allocates bandwidth according to the number of active users and not by consumption of individuals. This means, that all active users are guaranteed a fair share of the bandwidth at all times.

Read more about how User Load Balancing (ULB) and Dynamic Quality of Service improves your internet connection here.

File sharing applications, large downloads and frequent peak loads, will now not delay and degrade the internet connection for other users. All users have access to a stable and rapid internet without delay. Users who have minor tasks on the Web are quickly finished and the bandwidth is released to the user community.

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